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At least 16 soldiers in Niger set up an ambush near the Mali border - News

At least 16 soldiers in Niger set up an ambush near the Mali border – News

“Our men fell yesterday [sábado] About two o’clock in the afternoon[Nevsaltoqatefilhbonh)VicmenensbehgtaattnoslhhoenfemqatahtaleaooalnabrahimmikoOmanaammntqhtahoajnopegrbalbladHaabedaalhadtOnrshehadhmaalhjumaljbanho16Guetalausthjrahyovkduahd[amesmahoraemLisboa)numaemboscadaefetuadaporbandidosarmadosnodepartamentodeTilliaObalançodesteataquecobardeéde16mortosseisferidoseumdesaparecido”anunciounatelevisãopúblicaIbrahimMikosecretário-geraldaregiãodeTahouasudoestedopaísondedecorreuoincidente[نفسالتوقيتفيلشبونة)،فيكميننصبهقطاعطرقمسلحونفيمقاطعةتيلياوأعلنإبراهيمميكو،أمينعاممنطقةتاهواجنوبغربالبلاد،حيثوقعالحادث،أنرصيدهذاالهجومالجبانهو16قتيلاًوستةجرحىوفقدواحد[amesmahoraemLisboa)numaemboscadaefetuadaporbandidosarmadosnodepartamentodeTilliaObalançodesteataquecobardeéde16mortosseisferidoseumdesaparecido”anunciounatelevisãopúblicaIbrahimMikosecretário-geraldaregiãodeTahouasudoestedopaísondedecorreuoincidente

“We are saddened by our deaths, but we died with the rifles in our hands,” said Miku, who was attending the funeral of First Lieutenant Maman Namiwa, commander of the patrol unit that was attacked.

The vast and deserted area of ​​Tahoua lies east of Tillaberi, both close to the border with Mali where there has been intense activity of “jihadist” groups since 2021.

This region is close to the so-called “three borders” between Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali, which have been subjected to regular attacks, but also plagued by the actions of armed “jihadist” groups.

On March 21, the towns of Entzayan, Korat, Al-Warsat, and some other settlements and camps located in Tilia District, Tahoua Region, were attacked by armed men, killing 141 people, according to an official report.

These were the deadliest attacks in Niger by so-called “jihadist” groups in recent years.

In the southeast, next to Nigeria, Niger is facing the attacks of the “jihadist” Boko Haram group, and in its western part, near Mali, by the actions of groups allegedly linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) and ISIS. Al-Qaeda.

Attacks on civilians have doubled since the start of 2020, with more than 300 people killed in three series of attacks on villages and camps in western Niger.

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