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Apple accused of unfair competition with the new AirTags

Apple accused of unfair competition with the new AirTags

This Tuesday took place Apple’s latest event, with the iPad Pro and iMac expected. Finally, AirTags launched, a product that has been rumored to have been going on for over a year.

AirTags are mini URLs that you can use to annotate objects that you don’t want to miss. Now, Tile is a reference in this market segment, accusing Apple of unfair competition.

As TechCrunch advanced, Tile has been criticizing Apple since realizing that it would face competition from the company in its class. The company’s claims appear to be legitimate.

A Apple copiou a Tile?

If you don’t know, the Tile can be attached to things like keys, suitcases, purses, or bikes, so they can be found in case you lose them. The brand has also pioneered the idea that someone with a Tile app installed on a smartphone can help find the lost object using the attached Tile.

AirTag connects with ultra-broadband technology, and with access to the “Find” app installed on any iPhone, it can help you easily find your lost thing.

If we often accuse competition of creating “copies” of AirPods, this kind of AirTag functionality, can they also be considered copies of products like Tile? It is a question that makes you think.

Tile says that thanks to the advantage of owning an iPhone and a robust ecosystem, Apple will have an irreversible dominance in the sector. CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, says competition is “welcome, as long as it’s fair.” The CEO is skeptical of Apple’s record of limiting competitors after entering a particular segment. The debate will evolve in the coming days after the debate in the United States Congress.

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