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App Store: Apple Prevents Scams With Losses of Over $ 1.5 Billion in 2020 - Internet

App Store: Apple Prevents Scams With Losses of Over $ 1.5 Billion in 2020 – Internet

Threats are always lurking in the online world and the App Store is no exception. Apple is taking steps to keep its digital store safe and is now revealing that in 2020 it has protected users from potential fraudulent transactions with losses of over $ 1.5 billion.

In a statement, the Cupertino giant Explain whatThrough its review process, it has managed to block nearly 1 million problematic apps from accessing users’ equipment. Out of this universe of requests, 48,000 requests are rejected because they contain hidden or undisclosed features. 150,000 did not reach the App Store because they are legitimate copies of apps, because they contain spam, because they are misleading, or because they manipulate users to spend more money than necessary.

Apple | Fraud prevention in 2020

Credits: Apple

Address data = Apple | Preventing Fraud in 2020 – App Store: Apple Prevents Fraud With Losses Of Over $ 1.5 Billion In 2020 – SAPO Tek

Credits: Apple

The company notes that some developers are trying to circumvent the rules of the app store by offering apps that may, at first glance, have a legitimate purpose, but are in fact being used for illegal purposes, such as Games for children who have hidden illegal betting schemes. According to Apple, about 95,000 apps that fall into this category have been removed.

Another reason why the company rejects some apps is that they ask users for more data than they actually need, or that they do not properly process the requested information. In all, 215,000 apps that violated app store privacy rules were removed.

To ensure users’ safety, Apple is also working to “tighten its grip” on apps designed for its operating systems that will stop piracy stores. Over the past twelve months, the company has detected and blocked nearly 110,000 illegal requests.

In addition to the apps, Apple announces that it has closed 470,000 developer accounts and rejected 205,000 developer apps due to fraud-related issues. Additionally, 244 million user accounts have been disabled due to fraudulent or abusive activity on the platform. The company also rejected 424 million account attempts because they showed patterns of fraudulent or abusive behavior.

The technology says it is still keen on fraud in payments and credit cards. Last year, the company banned more than 3 million stolen bank cards from being used in purchases on its platform, and banned nearly a million accounts from making any type of transaction again.

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