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Andrea Rodriguez shares a rare photo with her mom on a special day

Andrea Rodriguez shares a rare photo with her mom on a special day

aNdreia Rodrigues has surprised his Instagram followers with a rare photo in which he appears next to his mother. This is because the announcer’s mother completes another year of life on Saturday May 15th.

“Today my mom is a year old! My pillar. My love. On Family Day we celebrate life and love. It is ours. Love without limits. Always embrace, the best, forever. With her I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot. A lot of it,” he began writing Image caption.

“A mother, a girlfriend, a girlfriend, and so much more. Warrior, inspirational, superwoman. I hope to get your strength and happiness, your ability to love and take care of everything and everyone. Huge hearts. Celebrate life, every year, every moment, she knows what she is.” It is mine, I do not hold back, because it is necessary to say what we feel. I love you, mom. Congratulations! Everything. ”

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Minuto News has been nominated for Marketeer Awards

a Accurate news He is a candidate for the 2021 edition of Marketeer Awards, In the category digital media. Voting continues until May 31.

To help us win, you only need to access the website of the initiative organized by the magazine Marketer, Clicked Here, Go ahead to complete the form, and choose Accurate news In the category digital media And then formalize the vote. Thank you for the preference!