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After Sofagate, the incident calling for 30 years of Ukrainian independence sparked a new controversy in Brussels

After Sofagate, the incident calling for 30 years of Ukrainian independence sparked a new controversy in Brussels

The ceremony takes place only in August, but Ursula von der Leyen has already decided that he will not be present at the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. The news of the negative response was published this Thursday by the newspaper Politico, which also caused a breach of the protocol: instead of the Chairperson of the Commission being in response to the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, as stipulated in the protocol, It was its chief of staff who did so and signed the speech, reasoning that “unfortunately” the German was unable to attend due to a “particularly busy schedule”.

In addition to the protocol agreements, Von der Leyen’s negative response raises political questions at one point or another Forces The Russians have a strong presence along the border with Ukraine.

In response to a question about the president’s decision, the Commission rejected the question of Brussels’ support to Ukraine. He admits that there was an initial response prepared by the Chief of Staff, Bjorn Seibert, but she guarantees that she will not be sent to Kiev and that the president will respond and sign a new letter to reject the invitation, rejecting the image indicating that she will reject the invitation or ignore the Ukrainian president.

“The Ukrainian authorities have not received the letter yet. The president herself will sign a response to President Zelensky,” spokesman Eric Mamer said.

Brussels underestimates the value of the ring, but does not justify why in mid-August, when the enterprises are running on gas or on vacation, the president cannot participate in the celebrations in Ukraine, adding that the commission will be properly represented. On the other hand, it rejects any political reading.

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Mamer says: “The Commission and the European Union are side by side with Ukraine. The President hopes to reaffirm her support for Ukraine during an upcoming meeting with President Zelensky.” Something may happen even before August.

Michel will represent the European Union

This episode comes after the protocol incident in Ankara – known as Suffocate Ursula von der Leyen was not entitled to a seat alongside the Presidents of the European Council and Turkey. Now, it appears that he was on the verge of driving the protocol failure as well, as the responses of presidents and heads of government must always be signed by it and not by aides or prime ministers.

The German rejected the invitation, but Charles Michel will be present in Ukraine, where he will represent the European Union, not only at the celebrations for the country’s 30 years of independence, but also at the Crimean summit the day before and for which was also called von der Leyen.

This Thursday, Michel thanked again the invitation – which he had already accepted when he was in Ukraine in March – during a phone conversation with Zelensky.

“President Charles Michel expressed his deep concern about the large concentration of Russian military forces underway on the borders of Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula, which have been annexed illegally.” The scope is threatening and destabilizing activities. “

The President of the European Council also stressed “the European Union’s firm support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine on its internationally recognized borders.”

The Ukraine issue is on the agenda of the videoconference of foreign ministers to be held on Monday.

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