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After Claudia Vieira's "mouthful", fans defended Maria Sercoeira Gomez and Robin Roi

After Claudia Vieira’s “mouthful”, fans defended Maria Sercoeira Gomez and Robin Roi

Claudia Vieira was the guest of the first episode of the second season of “É Preciso Ter Lata” by Rita Rogeroni and Pedro Ribeiro.

The presenter faced several questions from fans and haters, and spoke about the TVI duo: “Do you think Rúben Rua and Maria Cerqueira Gomes are better announcers than you and Manzarra? Is this the reason for ending your show?” Asked Pedro Ribeiro, citing one of the questions left by fans.

Presenter screenshot: “Oh, what a cruelty (…) in fact, I think Joao and I are better. Because as communicators, everyone has their value as a husband, I think they both don’t do well.”He said. “Manzarra and I, obviously, we do well because we have one … Besides history, we have a very nice growth with each other, because when Manzarra started it was the kid who came from ‘Short Circuit’ and no one knew it, Claudia Vieira who didn’t. ” Trumpet Top “Than it used to be running a program and suddenly, they introduced us to a show … idols”Remember.

On a Saturday afternoon, Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Rúben Rua were back on TVI in the afternoon, albeit with some unfortunate incidents, and fans on social media were keen to spoil the duo: “Which husband Claudia Vieira and any Joao Manzara what? You are definitely the best fabulous couple, and the other two who set their eyes on you are the ones who learn but who are?” or “These are the most beautiful broadcasters in Portugal ❤️❤️❤️”, Are just a few examples.

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