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Academica Benfica match with 2 Liga Futebol

Academica Benfica match with 2 Liga Futebol

Game summary

a Benfica team B. On Sunday they lost 1-0 to Academica, at Cidad de Coimbra. Bruno Tillis, from the penalty spot, decided the 33rd round of match League II.

The game in the student town is a game Calica No. 96 for Benfica B., Which is equivalent to Swedish Lindelöf record. Hence, the two central defenders are Football players with more matches Implemented by training in the second league.

On the playing field, the Eagles started out betterSoon the ball holders, go up the lines and focus a High pressure on the ball; On the other hand, the Academica Academy, which is overseen by Roy Borges, has learned that Only victory matters Let’s cherish the hope of climbing into the first league.

To highlight, in the first part, the fact that The game experienced a few interruptions. Both teams sought Approach – you give beacons, But the definition in the final third wasn’t always the best, prompting goalkeepers Svilar (Benfica B) and Mika (Academica) to finish the first 45 minutes with little effort. to me rest time, Or the result 0-0.

Part One Summary

The opening minutes of the second half indicated a complementary step taken on the carbon paper from the first half. However, Teams were ready to hit the target Tone Adjustment … 54 ‘And the Mayambella He isolated himself, and when he had everything to open the mark, A weak shot to the side. Benfica B. responded 57 ‘. Felipe Cruz shot him at the entrance to the area, colliding with the pole From Priusa, when Mika was already hit.

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The game was lively and fun One goal came at 62 ‘. When Kalika began the attack, he touched Boldini’s face with his arm in the area and the referee awarded an Academica penalty kick. At the mark of 11 meters, Bruno Tillis beat Svilar And he did 1-0.

In front of the result, file Students retreat And tried to manage the feature; Nelson Verissimo, Benfica B. Enter more offensive players To avoid a loss, but the lines of the academy took space for Benfica fans to maneuver. consequences 1-0 Remained until the final whistle.

Al Nisour is ninth in the second league, with 41 points The 2020/21 edition was closed with a reception for FC Porto B.


Nelson Verissimo (Benfica B coach): “We saw a good football game. Académica is well directed, with good individual values ​​and a good team. We knew that, because of the repeat match between Académica and Vilafranquense. [na quarta-feira, dia 19], They can have an extra soul here when approaching this game. We are clearly frustrated and upset with the result, but we are very proud of the players ’behavior, specifically what they did in the second half and even more so when we were at a disadvantage. We were always looking for a target. It is a penalty kick. I still don’t see the give very well. It is a shame that a match of this level is settled in the penalty kick. We started well in the second half. “

Felipe Cruz (Benfica B): “It was a great game on our side, a great second half. We wanted to leave here with a win. Academica did well in the first half, but overall, Benfica B was better. We have goals to achieve that include winning the title. As many games as possible. It didn’t.” We get this game, but we’ll focus on the last game [com o FC Porto B] To achieve victory. “

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Academic Benfica B.
Coimbra City Stadium
Eleven Benfica
Svilar, Felipe Cruz, Calika, Morato (Thomas Araujo, 46 ​​minutes), Frimpong, Diogo Mendes (Fukotec, 72 minutes)Martim Neto (Raphael Britto, 60 minutes away)David Tavares (Louis Lopez, 82d.)(Samuel Pedro)Umaru Impalu, 59 D.)Thiago Juvia and Henrique Araujo
Carlos Santos, Fabio Baptista, Raphael Rodriguez, Thomas Araujo (46 minutes), Rafael Prieto (60 minutes), Fukotec (72 minutes), Umaru Impalu (59 minutes), Luis Lopez (82 minutes) and Kevin Xuboth
At break 0-0
Benfica goals b
Clinical Bulletin

Pedro Alvaro (muscle injury in the right thigh); Paulo Bernardo (contusion to the right ankle); Pedro Ganshas (postoperative case of the left shoulder joint complex); Sandro Cruz (left thigh muscle injury)