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abnormal.  Croissant on a tree that scares the people of Krakow

abnormal. Croissant on a tree that scares the people of Krakow

“aPeople do not open windows because they are afraid that animals will enter their homes. ”This is how a Polish woman who lives in Krakow explained to the authorities that she needed to go to her neighborhood, where there was a strange animal in the least days without moving on a tree in front of his room but it was not an animal .. croissant.

The unusual story was revealed by the Cracow Animal Association (KTOZ), which revealed, on Facebook, a portion of the phone conversation in which the inhabitant reported the situation. The (terrified) woman decided to seek help, believing that it could be a creeper, and maybe an iguana.

Experts doubted that it could be such an animal, as it should not have been able to survive in that place due to the low temperatures that the city is currently feeling. But, anyway, they did their homework and went to the scene.

Upon reaching this address, they encountered an unusual scenario: “a brown creature on a purple branch,” as they explained on the social network. After realizing it was a croissant – someone had to throw it to feed the birds – the inspectors had a “fit of laughter”.

“This mysterious iguana turned into a croissant, a croissant – those cookies of the French type,” the association joked, calling, however, at the fact that people should always alert them when they think an animal might be in danger. Danger.

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