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A woman calls the police because of her smart broom

A woman calls the police because of her smart broom

Technologies are increasingly found in our homes. They help us with daily tasks, cleaning, preparing meals, scheduling tasks, and much more. However, if we are not dependent on your presence, we may encounter funny situations like the ones we are talking about today.

An American woman recently called the police on suspicion that someone had stolen her home. However, only the smart vacuum cleaner was to blame.

Has it ever happened to you to be quiet in your own home and to feel intimidated by some action of a tech product? Well, this might not be something that happens regularly, but a lot of people have definitely had extraordinary moments due to the technology around the house.

A woman calls the police because of the smart vacuum cleaner

Smart vacuum cleaners are small robots that are increasingly found in people's homes. They alone try to get to know the space and covet everything they pass by. Hence, they are true assistants in cleaning tasks, managing to keep the floors of our homes clean.

However, recently, no woman has won dread with her small apparatus.

Yana Sidnor, a resident of California, USA, called the police after hearing strange and loud noises inside her home, and she thought she was a thief. According to the interview conducted with the station KOVR-TV, At CBS Sacramento, it was one in the morning when she and her 2-year-old daughter woke up with the start of several strokes coming from the stairs that interrupted the meditation music.

The woman contacted some friends via a message telling them about the noise, and advised to call the police. However, the first thing he thought of was leaving the house because he was so scared. But you called 911 hidden in your bathroom.

Already on the phone with the police, Yara stated that she was listening to someone coming down her stairs, saying that listening toBoom, boom, boomThen he heard a loud bang, and the authorities said they had already broken into his house.

The robot and the thief were confused

However, the woman said on the phone that she heard the police, followed by confusion and finally laughing. The problem is that the alleged thief was, after all, a clever Robovac vacuum cleaner that lay at the bottom of the stairs.

After all this fear, Yara explained that the vacuum cleaner has not been used in two years. However, his other son called him because he didn't want to do the housework before leaving for the weekend. But even after the fall, the equipment is still working!

Worst of all were the expenses the woman had to compose the door the police had broken into.

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