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A stroke remember game.  "12 years ago I had a health problem"

A stroke remember game. “12 years ago I had a health problem”

a TVI decided to dedicate a special broadcast of “Somos Portugal” to singer Toy, on Sunday 23 May. A program that brought together some of the artist’s many friends and led him to recall a poorer episode of his life when he had a stroke.

Speaking of a friend’s restaurant with an exclusive table for the singer, the singer said:For 12 years, I had a health problem that happened exactly during lunch. After so many trips, so much confusion, at a very turbulent time in my life, I had a stroke on the restaurant table“.

And after [me ter sentido mal]Vitor really liked me and sanctified this table. Nobody sat or sat at that tableHe explained, indicating that not even the owner sits at the aforementioned table, and only Tui occupies it, even if the restaurant is full, the table remains vacant.

Toei partner Daniela, who also joined the conversation, recalled the day the singer had a stroke. “It was just too big scary“.

Daniela said, “I can only confirm that I have gone to the restaurant many times without Toy and that my great friend Vítor was not allowed to sit at the table. And while the Toy has not arrived, I cannot sit.” The owner of the restaurant added, “The game should sit down first.”

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