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A BOLA - Joel Rocha questions Sporting's goal and Benfica demands arbitration (video) (futsal)

A BOLA – Joel Rocha questions Sporting’s goal and Benfica demands arbitration (video) (futsal)

Sporting beat Benfica 2-1 this Thursday, in the third game of the Futsal League final, but Sporting’s second goal is disputed by Benfica, a special goal attributed to goalkeeper Roncalio: in a shot from Eric Mendonca, the ball hit the post, but bounced off Diego’s back. Roncalio entered. The red goalkeeper is still protesting in front of the refereeing team, arguing that the ball did not fully enter his goal, but the fact is that the goal was verified and it turned out to be decisive in the calculations of the match.

In the end, coach Joel Rocha questioned the goal, first on Channel 11 asking to see the photos, and then more emphatically: “Benfica played a great game here. The end result introduces us little by little. I hope the ball is all over for the move to be legal, because if it isn’t, it’s a move that clearly taints the result of a match in the final that translated into our defeat and victory over Sporting. I have already had the opportunity to see the pictures, they are useful. They talk about themselves. I want them to appear too and not be forgotten or ignored. The video is very clear and unfortunately for us, it’s a move that is infrequently validated and ends up translating a win into such a well-balanced game. 99% of people say that these matches were decided in detail and it seems to me that the details today were an unfortunate mistake on the part of the refereeing team.”

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Subsequently, Benfica issued a statement in its media demanding justice. “Praising the great quality of futsal that pitted our team against Sporting, Benfica regrets that the match was decided with a goal in which the ball clearly did not enter the goal, as the rules dictate. Sport Lisbon and Benfica have once again been hurt and demand respect for both the Portuguese Football Federation and the referees. Handing over the scarves of champions is held hostage to the minds of those who run the sport and whose mission is to defend sporting truth. Sport Lisboa e Benfica also wants to highlight the character of athletes who, even in the face of adversity, have been formidable in defending their motto.”

Sporting coach Nuno Dias did not enter into the controversy: “It was a very balanced match, similar to everything that happened between Sporting and Benfica. I think the key was in unity and overcoming difficulties in difficult times. It’s been the brand’s image in tough competitions like the one that’s gone through and it happens too. We know that it is of utmost importance that athletes unite, recover and transcend to help each other in the moments when Benfica has done better. It’s 2-1, Sporting is one victory away from being a national champion. Benfica is two years old. Everything is open. Let’s hope things end on Sunday which was a good sign.”

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