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4 Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology

The smart lighting structure is a lighting technology designed for smart homes and is linked to the internet. They can decide, keep track of their schedules, and be manipulated remotely via a mobile application, voice-activated private assistants, or an IFTTT technology that is based on conditions.

The smart lights are equipped with numerous smart features. It is possible for a smart lighting device user to alter light color based on their mood.  You can even use the color change as a reminder to do something. You can therefore realize that your home gets automated, making your life easy. This article looks at the benefits of smart lighting technology.

Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology

Though the initial capital investment in smart building lighting for both home and office may be too extreme, it has the following benefits to offer compared to the traditional lighting system you are accustomed to.

1. Saves electricity

Electricity expenditure is one major cost that most offices and homes grapple with day in day out. What better way to minimize electricity expenditure than installing smart lighting technology in a building? Smart lighting technology is very beneficial when it comes to diminishing electricity costs. The users of smart lighting technology are able to establish programs, regulate brightness, and even control lights away from the home’s or office’s vicinity.

Other smart lights can turn on or off depending on a home’s or office’s occupancy. Most times, people forget to switch off the electricity when they leave a room or office. For instance, should you forget to switch off the lights when leaving the office for home on a Friday evening, the lights will remain on until you get to the office on Monday. Such an act can really be costly.

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However, in the availability of smart lighting technology, forgetting to switch off the lights is a non-issue since the smart lights will sense the absence of people in the room and switch themselves off. That way, you can always be sure of no wasted electricity. Hence, smart light technology aids in minimizing the total electricity charges.

2. User convenience

With the conventional lighting system, you have to switch it on or off yourself. If you suddenly feel like using the bathroom at night, you must get up to go switch the lights on before going to the bathroom and have to switch it off when you go back to bed, regardless of how far the switch may be in the house.

However, the smart lights are unique. They make your life easy by easily sensing your motions at night when you wake up to go use the bathroom or get something from another room. The smart lights are motion-based and can perceive motion and switch on automatically. This feature of motion sensing makes the smart lighting technology really efficient. It boosts the user experience definitely.

3. Remotely controlled

This is very interesting. Imagine being able to set commands and get them executed without you being present. This is one other benefit you gain from installing smart lighting technology in your home or office. Given that there is a mobile application that you can use to access your smart light, controlling them remotely is possible.

As a user of smart lights technology, you can control and do whatever it is that you wish with your linked smart lighting structure distantly. Take for example you are away from home with no one present there. You may consider turning the security lights on. That is possible with the use of smart lighting system. However, that would be impossible with conventional lights.

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4. User customization

The smart lighting technology gives you the opportunity to tailor the lights to your liking. Most of the smart bulbs present in the marketplace are fitted with features that enable them to alter intensity plus color. Hence, it is possible for users to change the color plus intensity of the lights based on their needs.


The smart lighting technology is good and should be installed by all that have the capability. It may be expensive for starters. However, after its installation, you get to enjoy the benefits of reduced electricity costs, user convenience, possible remote control, plus user customization.