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How do you win a £25,000 wedding?!

In 2011 and 2012 we were totally in love with 'My Big Fat JACK Wedding'.

But now, we've separated.

We told it, 'It's not you, it's us.. we need some space.. we need some excitement.. we're looking for something new... something more adventurous...'

It didn't say much as it's just a competition concept, but it was pretty emotional all the same. *sniff*

The Wedding JACKers
The Game Of Love...
has never been played this way before.

Over three weeks, through a series of games and challenges we're going to find one couple to win their dream wedding.

It starts with you entering as a couple.
The public vote for their favourite couple on our website.
The couples with the most votes will be annouced at JACK's Wedding Show on Sunday 21st April and they will go through to the final games.
(or the start of Friends)
Most of the games will be held during JACK's Breakfast, plus one on Saturday 27th April and one Saturday 4th May.

Each game will result in the couple coming last being knocked out of the competition.

Don't worry about the word 'game'. It's all fun.
Although that's some serious prize.

On Friday 10th May one couple WIN it all.

Meatloaf said he'd do anything for love*... but will you?

(Don't look too close, that's Steve Folland in the dress.)

*and also a sausage roll

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