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Retired police dog Finn

The campaign for a so-called Finn's Law was handed a boost today as ministers agreed to meet North Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald who's been pushing for a Service Animals Offences Bill.

The proposed law is inspired by police dog Finn who was stabbed in Stevenage in 2016, along with his handler PC Dave Wardell.

But a second reading was rejected and postponed until March 16th because it was argued that current legislation may be sufficient.

Addressing MPs this lunchtime, Sir Oliver said: “I’d just like to make the point that there is a gap in the law here, if you prosecute under the animal welfare act there are legal difficulties because of the drafting.

“If you prosecute for criminal damage of course the value of the animal is the thing that determines the sentence.

“Often a police dog like Finn is eight years old, he’s not worth that much money, of course he’s invaluable to police constable Dave Wardell and to this country’s police enforcement efforts but he’s not worth a lot of money.”

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland - who will also be at the meeting - tweeted to say: "Ministers have agreed to meet with me and @OliverHealdUK to try and introduce #Finnslaw. 

"PD Finn is a canine hero and his vicious stabbing was a disgrace. It is disgusting current law treats him as a piece of property. We must introduce #Finnslaw to protect our service animals."

Dave and Finn had been responding to an emergency call, following earlier reports of a robbery - before both were attacked with a ten-inch long hunting knife, leaving Finn in a critical condition.

Dave's now written a best-selling book entitled 'Fabulous Finn'.

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