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The first super moon of the year can be seen on Tuesday - the observer

The first super moon of the year can be seen on Tuesday – the observer

The moon reaches the full moon phase at dawn on Tuesday, but it will be closer to Earth at 4:22 pm – a time when it is not allowed to be seen in Portugal – when it is considered a super full moon. Shortly after 9 pm, Earth’s satellite will be visible, but if clouds prevent you from seeing it, that will be enough to wait another month for the next giant moon, on May 26 this year.

The Lisbon Astronomical Observatory (OAL) shows that the super-full moon occurs when the moon is simultaneously in full moon phase and at a distance from Earth less than 110% of perigee, which is the point of orbit where the satellite is closer to the Earth. In super-moon cases, instead of the usual 384,000 km separating the moon from the Earth, the distance is between 356,000 and 360,000 km, which is a sufficient difference for those on Earth to see the satellite larger than Earth. usual.

If you need more information on this phenomenon, o Site doing OAL Plots the detailed chronology of what will happen and also accompanies it with an illustration.

Lisbon Astronomical Observatory website image

OAL describes that “on the twenty-seventh day, the moon will rise at 9:06 pm at the zenith of 70 degrees, calculated from south to east” and that, at that time, “the moon will appear larger than usual, not only due to the occurrence of the super moon, but also Because being near the horizon, is seen larger, ”which is just an optical illusion.

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Regarding the constellations, “there is a super moon in the constellation Libra and just above it will appear a triangle of spring stars: Arcturo, Espiga and Régulo,” OAL explains, adding that “Mars will be located in the upper western side of the constellation Gemini.” If you can’t see the giant moon on Tuesday, the moon will appear on Wednesday at 10:25 PM and will continue to grow larger than usual.

a Constancia Living Science Center It is also already ready for the event and promises to livestream on Facebook from 9 PM, when the phenomenon is more evident