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Ataque com faca na China faz pelo menos 5 mortos e 15 feridos

A knife attack in China left 5 dead and at least 15 injuredجرح


At least five people were killed and 15 others injured in a knife attack in eastern China today, according to the Associated Press, citing police sources.

According to the same source, the authorities in Anqing City, Anhui Province, received a warning that a man had stabbed some passers-by in the street.

The attacker was later arrested and the wounded were taken to hospital for treatment.

The Chinese authorities have not yet discovered the cause of the attack, and the case is under investigation.

Chinese law restricts the sale and possession of firearms, which is why attacks using knives or homemade explosives are common.

Perpetrators of similar attacks in the past have been described as people with mental disorders or social rebels.

Last December, a knife attack on the door of a sauna bath in northeast China killed seven and injured seven others.

Also last year, in July, a school guard wielding a knife injured at least 39 people at a kindergarten in southern China.

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