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The final stage has arrived and the end is in sight! Which couple will win their dream wedding worth £25,000?!

After weeks of voting you have chosen your 8 finalists to battle it out in the finals of the Wedding JACKers.

They will take part in a series of knockout challenges to determine which couple will walk away with a £25,000 wedding.

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04 Becky & Ian Becky says her and Ian are soulmates and has dreamed of getting married ever since she was a little girl.
06 Tom & Erin Tom and Erin have been together for 6 years and have 2 daughters. Tom would love to see his 3 girls walk down the aisle together.
21 Phillipa & Mark Phillipa would love to marry Mark so they can start a family, and wants to do it soon so her nan can share in their special day.
25 Jemma & Steve Jemma and Steve wanted to get married a few years ago but the birth of their son and unfortunate family illnesses mean they haven't managed to.
30 Charlotte & Jenni Charlotte and Jenni would love to be blushing brides. Charlotte wants to show Jenni how much she means to her.
31 Jade & Luke Jade and Luke would love for their families to be at their wedding and to give them something to look forward to.
47 Trevor & Chloe Trevor and Chloe have been through a lot as a couple, and Trevor says Chloe deserves a fairytale wedding.
51 Karina & Josh Karina and Josh would never be able to afford a big wedding, and would love their family to be able to celebrate with them.
The Wedding JACKers - Prizes! Check out the incredible prize package from the ceremony at Offley Place to the cake, dresses... and even honeymoon in the Maldives! Look at that! Not quite Stanborough Lakes is it?!

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