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This Summer JACK dished out a dream wedding worth over £20,000!

From the ceremony and wedding breakfast at Ware Priory, the dress, cake, entertainment, rings and even teeth whitening and botox! This year, we even sorted the Stag and Hen parties sorted too! See the full list of prizes here.

From the hundreds who entered... to the 7 couples picked by the public vote... we ended up with 5 couples 'sharing their love of JACK'.
And the winning couple were...
Laura and Rooster from Knebworth!

See The Finalists In Action Read their stories and follow their progress as they competed to win their dream wedding!
The Big Fat JACK Prizes Check out the prize package from the ceremony at Ware Priory to the cake, dresses... and even botox!
JACK's Wedding Show 2012! The JACK fm Wedding Show 2012 took place at Ware Priory. Check out the photos here! Photos by Photon Imaging.
Winners' Wedding 2011! Carley & Dan won in 2011 and in March 2012 got that wedding they & their kids had dreamt of. Check PHOTOS!
See Photos of MBFJW 2011 Here's a snapshot of some of the amazing things the couples did last year to try and win their dream wedding!
JACK's Wedding Directory You've found the perfect person, now find the perfect companies to build your big day with.

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