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The work of a Stevenage charity is being recognised for its work in turning around the lives of people suffering from a range of addictions, including drugs, gambling and self-harm.

The Centre for Social Justice think-tank says its 'resilience award' is a nod to "The Living Room's" record of breaking the cycle of addiction and transforming lives. The CSJ was founded in 2004 by the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP.

Based in Stevenage, The Living Room beats the national accomplishment rates for addiction recovery on every score.


Almost twice the number of people addicted to opioids such as morphine and heroin treated by the charity recovered than the national average. Two thirds of those who attend treatment achieve long term recovery from their addiction. Among problem gamblers, three in four of those who pass through the charity's doors leave fully recovered.

The charity champions abstinence-based treatment delivered by counsellors with experience of overcoming addictions themselves.

Andy Cook, Chief Executive of Centre for Social Justice, commented: "The Living Room Hertfordshire has a record of breaking the cycle of addiction and transforming lives. Even those who had abandoned all hope of turning their lives around succeeded in doing just that thanks to the charity's focused, effective treatment.


Addictions of all types are pernicious, leading to a downwards spiral of destructive behaviour. They destroy the sufferers' life and the lives of their family.

One of the reasons for The Living Room's success is their ability to engage with the addict's family and to strengthen relationships that can be crucial to recovery.

Like any organisation, leadership is key. The Living Room is led by hard working, focused and accountable team with a good understanding of what they want to achieve".


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