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Depression, anxiety and psychosis are just some of the mental health conditions associated with becoming a new Mum - and a campaign to raise awareness has been taken to Parliament...

Those affected, as well as experts and Politicians have been debating the best ways of further helping both parents, at what can be a stressful time in its own right.

The campaign is being led by Raja Gangopadhyay, who's a specialist at the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Studies also show that suicide is one of the most common causes of death for women who die shortly after child birth.

In many cases, there are huge cultural and social issues which lead to the under-reporting of cases. In fact, fewer than fifty percent of women who suffer with postnatal depression are recognised by the relevant health services.

Antoinette Sandbach MP lost her 5-day-old son to sudden infant death syndrome. She told BOB fm that Mums and Dads need support at times like this: "We really need to have that bereavement care pathway there for parents when they lose a child.

I firmly believe, and I think the evidence also shows, that early support means there are far few mental health problems later on for parents. I think it's important that we're discussing that and hearing the voices of parents here in Parliament".

Ms Sandbach went on to explain what action she's taking to improve provision: "We have set up an all-Party group and we are working together with the major and smaller charities in this field.

What we want to see is a consistent bereavement care pathway for parents so that it is not a postcode lottery and there are some minimum standards that are applied in every health trust area".

Mark Williams is the founder of 'International Fathers Mental Health Day' and spoke to us about his personal experience of panic attacks and postnatal depression.

He said: "Birth trauma among fathers, when they witness their partner going through an horrendous experience, can have a massive impact. I had my first set of panic attacks at 30 years of age when I thought my wife and the baby was going to die in the labour ward.

My wife went on to be diagnosed with postnatal depression and eventually my depression came, as I was worried about money and other aspects of what was happening.

Bonding is most important with a child, especially in the first three years, but we've seen some fathers turning to drink, drugs and even overwork as a coping mechanism".

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