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ABOVE: 20-year-old Chloe Rush

A local family's set a £5,000 target to raise money for their 20-year-old, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder...

Chloe Rush - who used to live in Hertfordshire, but now resides in Luton - was diagnosed with 'von hippel lindau syndrome' at the age of just 13-years-old.

The condition has now led to the formation of four brain tumours and Chloe's already lost her sight in her left eye.

The NHS is funding a series of proton beam treatments in America, to shrink one of the tumours which is too big to operate on.

The therapy is expected to last around eleven weeks.

But, her Mum Michelle says they need the money to make the trip as comfortable as possible for Chloe and her carer, especially as she's already having a tough time: "She suffers from tumours, which can pop up anywhere in her body - in her brain, her spine, her kidneys, her liver and her eyes.

They have said that if she currently has surgery she could die and this is her only other option.

Even after shrinking of the tumour, Chloe may still need surgery and could even lose the use of one of her legs.

To shrink the tumour, she's got to have treatment every single day while she is out in America".

:: Find out more about Chloe's story on the family's Just Giving page by clicking HERE.

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