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Your Mum's lovely right?
Well thankfully so are we and so are the nice people at Garden Square Shopping Centre, Letchworth.

Together we've got an amazing sur-prize for her worth £1000!

Yeah, you heard us.

Grab a grand's worth of prizes to spoil your mum thanks to Garden Square Shopping Centre.
Admit it: that's a great prize. And to win you just have to admit something else...

With Mother's Day coming up, it's time to admit something your mum doesn't know about you.
Remember that time you blamed setting fire to the dog on the cat?..
Or the time you let your baby brother take the rap for borrowing the car?

Tell the truth using the form below and your mum could be winning...

- Meal for Four at an Italian Restaurant (value up to £200)
- Hairdressers (value up to £100)
- Makeover - Session with the Boots beauty consultants and facial gift to take away (worth £50)
- Chocolates, Champagne and Bouquet of Flowers (up to £100)
- Photograph Album plus disc to hold those memories of the day (up to £150)
  (a photographer will accompany the winning Mum during their special day)
- Transport to and from the restaurant (up to £100)
- Outfit of the winning's Mum's choice in any fashion outlet in Garden Square Shopping Centre (up to £300)

One special mum will have a very special day when she enjoys all of the above prizes thanks to Garden Square Shopping Centre, Letchworth.

Now.. time to come clean...
And now.. it's time to come clean. Admit something your Mum doesn't know.
We'll sure she'll forgive you if she win's this amazing prize.
Don't blame us if she doesn't though.

T&C: The prize will be arranged by Garden Square Shopping Centre, Letchworth at a date to suit your Mum. The prize does not have to be taken all in one day if that wouldn't suit your mother. No cash alternative to any of the prizes will be offered. I realise Steve & Jules might phone me on JACK's Breakfast to hear my story. I won't blame JACK fm if my Mum gets upset with me for telling the truth and if she stops making me roast dinners, I'll will gladly pass my share of Yorkshire Puddings to the team at JACK fm Hertfordshire.

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