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Here we go then! The FINAL challenge!

Luke & Jade from Hertford and Tom & Erin from Stevengae go head to head in one of the most complex challenges ever devised to give away a £25,000 dream wedding.

Popping Balloons.

Yep, a studio full of balloons and in one of them a ring is hiding. The first couple to find that ring win The Wedding JACKers in a game called 'Pop The Question'.


First they played a quick game of "Mr & Mrs" to see who would get a head start, but they both got equal points so not much came of that... well apart from learning that Luke would like kangeroos at his wedding and that Tom's favourite part of his body is his "Mighty Oak".

In the end, after much frantic popping, it was Tom & Erin who won their dream wedding at Offley Place and their honeymoon in the Maldives.

Whenever we see a balloon in the future we will always think of these two couples.
And whenever we see a mighty oak...

Big thanks to Lisa from Aartisan Balloon Company for, well, we think you can guess what she did on an epic scale.

Huge congratulations to Tom & Erin, have an awesome time and an amazing life together.

You're still not getting a request though.

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