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It's the penultimate challenge!

And we decided to make sure our grooms were well groomed. We're nice like that.

Each bride-to-be had to wax, manicure and facial their groom in the fastest male grooming you've ever seen. And the most painful you've ever heard.

The fastest two couples to take off two strips of wax, paint all 10 finger nails and slap on the face pack would make it through to the final challenge to win a wedding!

The couple that was too slow to glow would leave the competition. Albeit with much nicer skin.


The result?

Well Tom & Erin won yet another challenge, followed by Luke & Jade. Sadly that meant we had to say goodbye to Pip & Mark.

So Pip & Mark went back to a normal life, whilst Luke went back to work... with his painted finger nails... working at the scrapyard. Now that is a real man!

We'd like to say a big thankyou to the lovely Emily from The Beauty Box in Knebworth for her help with this game. And for rescuing Luke when he got a massive was of wax stuck... and for also taking all traces of Mark's hair away with her. Presumably to sell for carpet.

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