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1 afternoon at Stanborough Park.
2 games.
3 couples to go through to the final week.
4 couples to fight for that prize.

Game 4 was called 'Cupid's Arrow' and saw the archery novices trying to hit the target to win a time advantage in the next challenge...

Game 5: "Head Over Heels" - the couples had to water zorb on the North Lake at Stanborough as fast as they could. The slowest couple would leave the competition.


What happened?
Well Chloe amazed herself by getting a perfect 10 with her first arrow, but Tom & Erin were on target to victory.
In the zorbing it was Tom & Erin who again came first with an incredibly fast time. Sadly Trevor and Chloe were in last place and had to say goodbye.

Catch video of the action below!

We'd like to say a big thankyou to Sarah and everyone at Finesse Leisure, plus Mark and the team at Herts Water Walkerz who made us so welcome and made the games possible at Stanborough Park


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