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Game 2 of The Wedding JACKers and we needed to make sure our couples are 'Good In The Sack'!

Bring on a giant sack race in the grounds of Knebworth Cricket Club with the stunning Knebworth House as our back drop.

Each couple shared a giant sack that we got from GJW Titmuss Pet Supplies (Jules went in and said 'Have you got any sacks?'... 'How big?' they asked... 'Erm.. big enough to fit two people?')

Which ever couple came last in the race would leave the competition, the rest would leap further towards winning a dream wedding worth £25,000!


Sadly, it was Jemma & Steve from Stevenage who fell from the competition when they came in last place. Meanwhile Karina & Josh aren't just good in the sack, they're amazing! Watch them romp to victory in the video - coming soon.

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