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Meet Leanne and Mark from Stevenage

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Leanne says,
"Since September 2000 when our romance did start,
We have hardly spent one day apart,
So if you could help us become Mr and Mrs
We would finally achieve all of our wishes.

Oh how We would love 'My Big Fat JACK Wedding,
With Coltsfoot on the invitation heading,
We'd have a spectacular day like William and Kate,
Oh, and of course, I'd be fashionably late.

A honeymoon in enchanting Mauritius,
A tropical Island paradise..... mmm..... delicious,
But We'd miss JACK fm, Myself and Fiance Mark,
'Playing what we want' from Knebworth Park.

We can't wait to start our new marital life,
On our long winding journey as husband and wife,
So please, my friends Steve, Dawn and Chris.
To win this chance would be absolute bliss."

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