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Meet Kelly and Paul, from Stevenage

Kelly says,
"In August 2009 Paul proposed and we were hoping to marry in August 2010 unfortunately when we announced our engagement my sister in law called to say they had booked their wedding for the September 2010 which was disappointing but fair enough as they have been engaged for 6 years. My father said not to worry and if we waited he could help when his Army pension matured. 

Unfortunately Christmas day 2009 we received a call from the police to say my father was very poorly and had been in hospital for 14 days in a coma after suffering 2 strokes and we were told to say our goodbyes. He was found by someone unconscious in the snow, after how long we don't know. This being said Dad got over the pneumonia and after 4 months we realized he was completely mentally incapacitated and totally reliant on nursing care. He is unable to communicate, eat, drink let alone walk. So we managed to get him into a lovely neurological care home but as it's private we had a shortfall in funding. It has taken nearly a year to get the court of protection to allow me to act on his behalf and I am still waiting for the Judges final decision. In the meantime we have also been informed he has terminal lung cancer and will not benefit from treatment due to his current condition. We have used all of our savings to fund my court application and the travel to Nottingham from Stevenage most weekends as well as funding all of his medication and welfare, clothing etc. until the NHS finally agreed he did not have to pay for prescriptions and dental care. Due to the shortfall of funding all of his savings and pension will be used to fund the difference. After 14 months and finally coming to terms with things Paul and decided to try and arrange a wedding on the cheap for 2012. 

As Paul had a business we employed about 10 men on a job and made sure they were all paid through the recession until at the end of the job the company we were contracting for went broke and we were £60,000 short on our payment as we had honoured the men's wages and then we did not have enough to pay the VAT and therefore the company was put into liquidation. Paul went back to work on the tools and I have been working all the hours God sends to earn as much as possible.  I have a low basic salary and due to the recession our company has made redundancies and cut most bonuses and the commission I usually depend on. 

Despite this all we are still so in love after 6 years together and delighted and worried that we have just discovered we are 14 weeks pregnant so any spare money we have we decided must go towards buying the baby's things. Therefore if we were to win the wedding I would be eternally grateful and I would love our new child to have married parents. 

I know my father will never be able to walk me down the aisle or probably even attend my wedding but he would be delighted to know that Paul and I had sealed our love for each other despite all adversity. 

Thanks and all the very best"

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