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Meet Martin and Terri from Great Wymondley

Martin says,
"I would love to win My Big Fat JACK Wedding as a surprise for my partner. She has always said she wanted to be married by the time she was 30 and unfortunately she is 30 in Feb 2012 and I cannot afford a wedding because of circumstances beyond my control. This is not the only reason I'm applying for the chance to give her a better wedding than I could ever afford.  Her dream location was Coltsfoot, when we looked at prices to see if we could afford it, so I'm applying so I can fulfill her dream of marriage by 30 and give her the location she dreamed of also, which would be fantastic. If I don't win then at least i tried and if we don't marry by next year it wont be the end of the world because I love her anyway (just not sure she'll still love me) so please please pick us, I am not below begging."
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