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Meet Claire and John 

Claire says, 
"Let me tell you a little bit why I think I should win My Big Fat JACK Wedding. my story.

A little over 2 years ago I was all set to marry my first boyfriend of 14 years, which was booked in a beautiful venue in Turkey. I was very happy with him and believed we had a good life together in our little flat that we co-owned. Oh how wrong could I be!!!

Shock 1: With 6 months to go before the big day, my fiance dropped the bombshell that he couldn't go through with the wedding and ended the relationship saying he could be with me anymore.  Leaving our home I decided to go home to my parents and break the bad news to them. Of course my parents took me back in and said I stay for as long as I needed. 
Shock 2: The day after, I get up and try to go into work to keep my mind busy only to be greeted at the front door by a delivery man holding my Wedding Dress (more distress and tears). Still, I pull myself together enough to go into work.
Shock 3: 5 days later after a confrontation with my ex I discover the real reason for him leaving. He had been cheating on me for some time with a woman from work, who had actually not been the first as it turned out (someone may as well have put a knife in my stomach). I couldn't believe it, the last months of my life had all been a lie. 
Shock 4: Getting into work the next day, obviously upset, tired from lack of sleep and constant crying I am called into a meeting with my MD. Unfortunately they had to make me redundant. Could my life get any worse!

Many more shocks followed (which I won't bore you with) within the coming weeks /months including losing my car, untold debt, losing the flat and finding out about the sort of person my ex really was, but with the help and support of my wonderful friends and family I picked myself up and began to start my life over. I ended up loving what my life had turned into, going out with my friends, meeting new people and finding out what sort of person I was. Although I never really thought I would find love again.

Then, 7 months ago I was introduced to a wonderful man who lived in Kent by a colleague at work. An athlete and football coach. After several weeks of texting and messaging on Facebook, I took the plunge and agreed to meet up with him. He was lovely and we got on really well. Many more dates followed and before I knew it I was in love with him completely. He has been living with me now for 3 months in Stevenage with my parents and are soon looking for own place to live. 

2 weeks ago on 18th February we spent the day in London and were due to see a show in the West End in the evening. Then whilst standing on the Blue Bridge in St James Park overlooking Buckingham Palace my boyfriend turned to me asked me to marry him. Overwhelmed with joy and fighting back the happy tears I said yes.  

Finally I have the love and respect of the most perfect man and I can't wait to marry him. Winning this price would mean the perfect end to my story."

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