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Meet Beth and Scott, from Potters Bar

Beth says, 
"Where do I start...I NEED this BIG FAT JACK Wedding I am totally head over heals in love with Scott, 4 months pregnant and saving every penny we have to be able to afford a wedding (unfortunately no rich mummy and daddy for us just very hard working but skint ones.) After going round and round in circles looking for a wedding that we aren't going to be paying for, for the rest of our lives I'm left feeling that we are never going to get there. We've more or less set a date, made a guest list and chosen our colours and themes but alas I still can't make everything fit in our budget! And although to be honest as long as I end up married to the man of my dreams I'm quite happy to pop to the local registry office and then head to the pub with close family and friends there is still a little part of me that wants to be a princess on my wedding day (lets face it what girl doesn't) I love Scott completely and can't wait to meet our baby please help me to get the last piece of my puzzle and make me Mrs. Hudson!  I promise with all my heart not to become a bridezilla"
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