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Meet Shelley and Marcus, from Stevenage.

Shelley says, 
"We have been together since April 2006 and have been engaged since March 2009. Last year in May my nan (on my mum's side) had a really big stroke, which the doctors said to except the worst. Her blood pressure was over 200 but her heart rate was 35, they fitted a pacemaker which was a success. It brought her blood pressure and heart rate to what both should of been. With my nan on the road to recovery, we decided that we wanted her to be around to see us get married; which gave us the kick start to arange our wedding.  On Monday 20th December 2010 my nan got amited to Lister Hospital again, at first it was thought that she had suffered another stroke.  After tests it was discovered that she had got a kidney infection and pneumonia.  So my nan is back in hospital again and we have been told by the doctors that any day now she will pass away.  My nan was so looking forward to seeing us get married and it brakes my heart that this will now not happen. My parents got divorced when i was young and didn't have much contact with my dad.  My nan and grandad helped my mum to bring me up so they weren't just grandparents they were another mum and dad."

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