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Meet Anita and John from Welwyn Garden City

Anita says,
"John and myself have just celebrated 21 years as 'partners'. We have two grown children. Nathan 20, Lauren 16 and a nutty Lab dog called Harley. On New Years Eve 2010 John eventually proposed marriage. Believe me, words I never thought I would hear! We don't have much in the way of savings so were looking at doing something quite small and quiet. It would never stretch to  the sort of wedding JACK FM is offering (and the type of wedding I secretly crave!) Times have been hard but we have always put family first. John has never not worked and has always provided for us as a family, which I think is a rare thing in today's society. I would love for us to have that extra special day as it would mean so much more to us if for once something nice actually happened to us. We have worked extremely hard putting our children first in our lives, which meant our life has always been on the back burner. We are finally ready to say 'yes lets do it!' It would be the most wonderful ending and start to the rest of our lives. 
I wait with fingers crossed

All our love Anita & John

 (PS. sorry it is not the best photo but camera was stolen and lap top got a virus killing all of my pictures!)

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