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Meet Martin and Kirsty from Stevenage,

Martin says,
"This should be my wedding because, me and kirsty were an item a few years ago but she had to move to Newcastle to be with her family so we sadly went our seperate ways. As 2 years past and we occasionally spoke on facebook Kirsty told me she was coming back to Stevenage for 2 weeks so we arranged to meet up. Well Kirsty's 2 weeks turned into 2 months as we fell back in love and she kept putting off going home. But eventually she had to go but we decided to stay together and visit each other at every opportunity.

After a few long journeys back and forth from newcastle i proposed and kirsty said yes. Since then we have been trying to find a house that we can both move into but its proving difficult. On the 25th of Jan i lost my mum to cancer and being the eldest of 4 children felt i had to be strong for everyone else but kirsty got straight on the train and came down to help me through and offer her shoulder. She stayed for 2 weeks before she had to go back home, but i know she will always be there for me.

We wanted to get married before my mum past away but she deteriorated very quickly. I want to marry Kirsty because she is my rock and I love her to bits x

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