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Meet Gemma and Lee from Welwyn Garden City

Gemma says,
"We were taking a romantic trip london for our anniversary. Little did I know Lee was planning on proposing. He had planned to get down on one knee in the middle of Winter Wonderland in London and propose. But 5 minutes after arriving in London, we were involved in an accident with a car and Lee broke his leg in 2 places. Nothing could stop him though and 6 1/2 hours later in hospital he popped the questions surrounding by family. Despite the fact we were in hospital it was a truly perfect moment.
We have had an unfortunate year jobs and loved one, but we have supported each other through the bad times and it has brought us closer together, we can truly last through anything. If we won My Big Fat Jack wedding it would be the biggest highlight of our lives, being able to celebrating our love and committment with our family and friends.

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