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Meet Nicola and Jason, both from Stevenage!

Nicola says:

"Well, we've been best friends since we were 13 years old. Our love story wouldn't fit in under 100 words but Jason chased me for 4 years, put me back together through depression and cared for me while i've been ill with long term illnesses and in our 7 years as a couple we've had 2 beautiful children, we still laugh every single day together and not a single day goes by where our puzzle pieces do not fit. As a bit of a tomboy a big wedding and poofy dress terrifies me, but Jason has always wanted a big wedding and it is my dream to see him get his wish after everything he has done for me, cared for me and given me. I love him more than life itself. It would just complete our lives to finally say "I do".
(Also, our kids are super cute and would love to dress up as "princess" and "prince" for the day ;P )"

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