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Meet Danielle and James, both from Stevenage!

Danielle says:

"We should win jackers cause even though we are only 18 and 19 we show that at any age you can find your soul mate, I found mine in sainsburys cafe where we worked together and it was love at first sight, what a cliche I no but from the moment we met I haven't felt no different, our love has grown. We are ready to take that big step like every other couple does. James purposed on the London eye at night with a Harry bo ring as mine was being made cause I'm a child ring size it was a total surprise and very cute had to be there moment. We think we could win this competition as we love each other so much and can't wait to get married like every other couple but the only bad thing is people don't take it seriously because of our age. We hope you see our side"

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