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Here are the couples who competed against each other in June 2012 to win their dream wedding worth over £20,000!

Read their stories and click through to their facebook pages to see what they got up to in the final.

For a snapshot of the action take a look at our photo gallery.

08 Rawiri & Laura Rawiri moved half way round the world to be with Laura, and they would love some help creating a wedding day to remember.
09 Joanna & Daniel Joanna and Daniel have been together for 7 years and have got two beautiful children, they have saved before to get married but something always comes up that needs paying for!
12 Sarah & Lee For the last 2 years Lee has been following his dream of being at the 2012 Paralympics, so everything he and Sarah have has been dedicated to his sport and they can no longer afford a wedding.
21 Kerrie & Vincent Kerrie and Vincent have been engaged for 9 years but have been unable to get married due to lack of funds. Winning a wedding would change their lives!
29 Samantha & Terry Samantha and Terry have been together for 9 and a half years and have 3 beautiful children between them. They feel that the only thing left to do is get married.
See The Photos! Check out a snapshot of the action from the final in our gallery! From tattoos to mating tortoises!

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