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Stephanie Oliver from Stevenage was our winner and she was originally nominated by Penny Fanthorpe who said:

"Steph and Matt have a 3 year old son Cameron who has Spastic quadriplegia, a disabling form of cerebral palsy. In May 2010 moved into a house which was in a dreadful state and they would be worthy of some help. They are devoted parents and make many sacrifices for Cameron. He is a very happy, bubbly child and is able to give back such joy. He has many hospital appointments and takes it all in his stride. As a family we all pull together and do what we can to help. Cameron requires much more input than an able bodied child. I hope you will feel they are worthy of this help and see for yourself what a treasure he is and how hard they work to look after him"

LISTEN AGAIN to Penny explain why Steph should win

House That JACK Built: Steph (mp3)


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