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Cindy Wilson from Welwyn Garden City has been nominated by Aletta Wilson who says:

"She has dedicated her life, not only to her children, because many mothers qualify for that, but especially to little Gianno who is a Cornelia de lange syndrome child. The doctors predicted that he would probably not live to see his 5th birthday but that he would more than likely never walk or talk. Through her determination and dedication: he is nearly 11 now, talks well and not only walks but runs. She has seen him through 5 Open Heart surgeries (heart problems being common with the syndrome). All this and not to mention the beautiful little Hannah and Football crazy older brother Kobayne. She also cared for her father 'til he died last year with Cancer and Alzheimers. I am not only nominating her because she is my daughter but because she is completely selfless and dedicated"


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