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Birthplace? Blackpool, Lancashire


School Nickname? It was in Latin I think. Or do you mean my nickname?

Favourite film? 'Police Academy 4' or maybe 'Ghandi'


Favourite TV show? '24' (but always get it on DVD - can't wait a week for the next episode - have to hit 'play' for the next one!)


Favourite band? Elastic


What is your favourite town in Hertfordshire? Ware, Hertford - maybe Hitchin.


If you were not a presenter, what job would you want to have? A lot of people have told me I'd make a great body double of George Clooney.


What is the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes? £50?? (but it was probably a BOGOF deal)


What is your favourite bar or restaurant in Hertfordshire? I really like 'Number 9' or 'Bar 12' or 'Eleven'. Is there a theme running here??


Who's the most famous person you've ever met? Robbie Williams, Mick Hucknall, Spice Girls, Bee Gees - I've interviewed lots of famous people. But I really don't like to name drop - as I was only telling the Queen the other day.


What are your favourite songs on your Ipod? Don't have one. Sniff.


Funniest mishap on-air? Once played a taped interview out on-air at the wrong speed. It sounded like I was interviewing the Chipmunks.


The gadget I use the most is? TiVo - a bit like Sky+ where you can pause and record live TV - but you don't have to have Sky!


Eastenders or Coronation Street? Corry.

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