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Geronimo is the UK's largest festival for kids and is coming to Knebworth House with over 150 activities and attractions, including zip lines, jousting knights, dinosaur shows, 2 circuses and more as well as TV megastars Mr Bloom, Cook & Line and Justin Fletcher headlining the main stage!

Click here to find out more info on Geronimo 2018!

You can WIN family weekend tickets on BOB's Breakfast everyday from Monday 22nd January all week by playing GERONIMO or NO! 

Graham will tell you three things happening at Geronimo 2018 BUT he will try to trick you... you have to tell Graham whether you think what he's telling you is true or not, by yelling either GERONIMO! or NO! 


Fill in the form below for your chance to win a pair of family weekend tickets to the festival that has been dubbed Glastonbury for kids!

Get your early bird tickets right now by clicking this link and make sure you pick from the 30th June - 1st July in order to purchase tickets for the Knebworth House event.




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