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Graham & Amy want to give you the best Christmas EVER! We have teamed up with selected O2 shops in Hertfordshire, to make your Christmas Wish come true! Our team have worked as hard as they possibly can to give you your dream Christmas. We've met some truly inspirational people and have granted some lovely Christmas Wishes, scroll down to listen to all the stories so far...




- JACK & IZABELA - homeless for 10 months, finally they have a place they can call home in time for Christmas! 

What is your Christmas Wish? My greatest wish is for my family to have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas again. We have been through a lot last year, homeless for 10 months, moving from one emergency accommodation to another, fighting my depression and anxiety and my 8 year old son now suffers from panic attacks and night terrors. I want my children to feel safe and happy again. Finally we have a place we can call home but we need some help with getting our new home ready for Christmas. We need carpets, dining table and furniture to our kids bedrooms. Any help would be very much appreciated.    

Izabela and Jack had a very glum looking Christmas ahead. They had tried everything possible to get themselves back on their feet. Jack works at least 80 hours a week and Izabela works long hours too whilst looking after the children, Jacob, Nicky and Emily.

So with the help of some very special friends we GAVE JACK & IZABELA CHRISTMAS!!!! We wanted to make this Christmas Wish as extra special as possible, so we asked you to gather your friends and family, neighbours, co-workers and meet us at their house in secret to SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS at the moment we surprised them! So many of you took time out to join us and a very special THANK YOU goes to you!!! 





Huge 7ft Real Christmas Tree and over £100 worth of beautiful decorations thanks to STEVE at VANSTONES GARDEN CENTRE in CODICOTE

Top of the range HUDL 2 from Annette and the kind team at TESCO Head Office in Welwyn Garden City

A BED and SOFA from Julia in CODICOTE so they can cosy up on the sofa this Christmas

This year’s ‘must have’ Brand New Sonic Bulk Fat Bike, in Blue & Black with white detail, huge extra large front and rear oversized tyres, 7 speed shumarno gear set from David and the team at the Flat Earth  in CODICOTE

Brand new SOLID OAK TABLE FOR 4 PEOPLE and 4 stunning BLACK CHAIRS with OAK LEGS from NICK at FURNITURE AT HOME in Knebworth

AND Katie who we helped on another Christmas Wish wanted make YOURS extra special so she as organised from TESCO HEAD OFFICE in CHESHUNT the most fabulous Christmas lunch EVER! 

Just to mention a section of what was in this amazing lunch... 7kg Turkey, Gammon Joint, Top Rump Beef Joint, Fresh Veg, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, brocolli, Fresh Fruits, cranberries, apples, banana’s, strawberries, rasberries, Gravy, Gingerbread make your own for kids, Salads, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, Mince pies, loads of chocolates and sweets, Selection of Nuts, Cheeses, Different flavoured Squashes for the kids, more chocolates, Crackers

And a Stunning Hamper including 2 bottles of CHAMPAGNE, CHOCOLATES AND CHRISTMAS PUDDING 

PRESENTS included: Magic Trick Box Set, Star Wars Fighter Jet Easy Kit, Lego Create-It Kit, Police Helicopter, Monopoly Board Game, Baylis & Harding Spa Products, Beth Crystals, Range of Nail Varnishes, Exfoliating Gloves and Body Set, Mega Magic and Glow Magic, Star Wars Board Game, A book full of poems, The Impossible Puzzle, Dream City Toy Car Play Set, Friendship Bracelet Making Set, Lynx Apollo Shower Set, Selection of Soft Toys for Emily, Little Miss Colouring In Pencils



- DAVID & DEBBIE- this was an emotional Christmas wish...

What is your Christmas Wish? My parents bathroom needs doing ASAP. My dad has lung cancer, he got diagnosed earlier this year and they are looking to have to sell the house, he is having chemo and can't do any DIY. We've had plumbers in and they have done such a bad job it's worse than before. It's so much stress which isn't what we need at the moment. PLEASE HELP!

So many people to thank for this one...

Tiler: Tony Fullick, Fine Tiling 07512 211 136
Tiler: Simon Ward SWW Tiling 07947816082
Plaster: Clive C Garstang Plastering 07944219221, 01279 641202 
Michael Knight: Plumber
Carole: Tiles from Nicholas and Clarke in Stevenage  01438 315400
Richard & Sharon: Total Cabling Solutions Tel: 01707 254150 
John Oliver at Ardex UK, 
John at Wickes Harlow



See the pictures and listen to David & Debbie's wish being granted in full here


- TRACEY & NATHAN asked for a Christmas Wish for Steve -

What is your Christmas Wish? My husband has a Vauxhall corsa and every time it rains the foot well on the driver's side fills with water. We have took it to numerous garages but have never managed to fix it. It is getting to the point of him having to wear wellies when he drives. It would be a great Christmas present if someone could fix it, stop it leaking and put a smile back on his sad face. Please send the fairies and elves to fix it as a surprise for my husband. Thank you for your time.

John from JOHN CHARLES AUTO's in Welwyn kindly agreed to help grant this Christmas Wish. His team will work hard to fix Steve's car!   01438 715076


- AMANDA asked for a Christmas Wish for, well her unborn baby!

What is your Christmas Wish? To the great BOB Magical Fairies, My partner and I have been together 6 lovely years and we are currently expecting our first baby due beginning of February! Unfortunately my partner who is 29 years of age still doesn't drive. We hoped with a few lessons he would pass before our baby is born as it is a fear of mine that I will have to drive myself to the hospital when in labor! 
He has had a couple of lessons, but unfortunately we just cannot afford anymore- especially this time of year. It would make my Christmas perfect to have this weight off my mind- and not have to do the 'Christmas Family Run' whilst looking like I've swallowed a bowling ball or drive myself whilst in labor- and have him pass his test! He is so keen to do it for me and our baby but we just do not have the funds. 
*I wish, I wish, I wish* 

Please sprinkle your fairy dust for us this year! 
Merry Christmas, 
Amanda :) xoxo

Dennis and Noel from Intensive Courses have given Jamie a course of lessons and will help him pass before the baby arrives! Each week we will be checking in with Jamie and Dennis to see how the lessons are going, he has to pass the theory on 15th December! Then book a test before Christmas! Will he pass?!?! Listen to BOB's Breakfast to find out!   Tel: 0207 205 2251 or call Dennis on 07956 481440



- STUART asked to have his wife DONNA's wedding ring resized after she lost 10 stone and hasn't been able to wear it for 4 years!

What is your Christmas Wish? To be able to get my wife's wedding ring resized. My wife has lost a lot of weight and now looks amazing, but she has not be able to wear her wedding ring for the last few years as a result of her weight loss. To get the ring resized would be the best gift I could give her this year and it would make her tremendously happy to be able to wear her ring for the first time in many years.

Jason and Jeremy at F.Hinds in Stevenage have been kind enough to work on Donna's wedding ring to resize it to fit her slim fingers perfectly! F.Hinds, Stevenage 01438 355293

Here's the moment we surprised Donna live on BOB's Breakfast.

Listen here: 




- JULIET asked for a Christmas Wish for her Best Friend PENNY

What is your Christmas Wish? i really would love for my best frien Penny to finally have her own bedroom and a proper bed to sleep on. She is currently sleeping on a sofa in the lounge as her house is overcrowded and she is waiting for her son, daughter in law and two grand daughters to move out. She is disabled and has been going to slimming world and lost nearly 6 stone in 10 months. She has been keeping the family going and really needs something to give her a boost as she is the most loving, caring person I know. She looks after her son who has paranoid schizophrenia, adhd, autisim. If anyone deserves a surprise then she does!


A HUGE thanks to Gary and the team at MATTRESSMAN in Monkswood Retail Park, Stevenage, for giving Penny a brand new top of the range BED!!! Penny can now enjoy a good nights sleep, something she hasn't had for a very long time!     Mattressman Tel: 01438 745338

Listen to Penny being surprised by Graham and Amy live on the Breakfast Show here: 


- KERRY asked for a Christmas Wish for her daughter DAISIE

What is your Christmas Wish? I would love to put the smile back on my daughters face with a wish from Bob fm...Daisie is 11 and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes August 2013, she went from a happy lively little girl to someone who is insulin dependant just to stay alive....She has to do at the least 5 blood tests throughout the day on herself and administer insulin via a pump attached to her body. Her Dad and I take it in turn to test her blood throughout the night as well..Then in December she got diagnosed with Coeliac disease as well, meaning not only does she has to watch everything she eats she also cant enjoy treats like her friends, she has to eat a gluten, wheat, barley and rye free diet for the rest of her life...That means no popping into McDonalds or grabbing a donut from the bakers without getting specialist versions! This all makes her feel different. Something that she has struggled with. 

On top of this Daisies 18 year old brother moved out of home last year to Join the British Army so she doesn't get to see him much and they had a very close relationship so a combination of these thing have left Daisie feeling a little sad at times. Although she has a life threatening illness she takes it all in her stride and loves nothing more than a day at the seaside going on the rides.To see her on a waltzer or spinning on the twister laughing and screaming is the best thing to me. We have not ventured further than Clacton or Southend rides and I know she would absolutely love to go to a big theme park. 

If you Bob FM could grant this wish I would have a very happy little girl. 


Thanks to the lovely team at PARADISE WILDLIFE PARK, Daisie is going to spend the day as a VIP ZOOKEEPER!!

Listen to Daisie's Christmas Wish being granted here:

She will spend the whole day getting to know everything about caring for the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Learn and experience all aspects of animal care with their experienced keepers. This amazing day will allow her behind the scenes to get fully involved in the care of the animals including; cleaning, food preparation, feeding and walking animals, helping out at daily events and more. We will stay in touch and update you with pictures of Daisie's Day at the Zoo!


- FREDA asked for a Christmas Wish for her sister FLORRIE

What is your Christmas Wish? My christmas wish is to make my sisters christmas the best one ever. Florrie is 11 this year but has spent the last 10 years seriously ill with many different conditions going in and out of Great Ormond Street hospital. This is the first year that she has been well and will be her first Christmas without worry, pain or hospital appointments. 

She is the most wonderful child in the world and really deserves a christmas filled with fun, presents, lovely food and happiness, (not all of which are easy to afford these days). I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to make Florries christmas beautiful. Thank you

Thanks to Emma at the Herford Theatre, she has kindly granted Florrie's Christmas Wish... to be a VIP at the Panto Cinderella and the Glass Slipper with her family, to meet Cinderella and to have photo's with the Panto Cast!!

We will keep you updated with pictures of Florrie's evening at the Panto so check back in the New Year!


- CHLOE asked for a Christmas Wish on behalf of her 2.5 year old son FINLAY, especially for his dad MICHAEL.

What is your Christmas Wish? My name is Finlay and I am almost 2 and a half years old. My mummy is helping me write this as I am not very good at spelling yet! My mummy keeps sayings that this is going to be my 1st Christmas although I know I it's actually my 3rd Christmas (silly mummy!) You see when I was growing in my mummy's tummy with my twin brother Oscar, the doctors noticed I was a lot smaller than him and they good I had no working kidneys - the doctors said I would die but mummy and daddy knew better and decided I deserved a chance. I was born 13 minutes after my brother and daddy followed me to intensive care as mummy said I couldn't die without a parent with me. Well, I had other ideas! I was moved to Great Ormond Stret Hospital at 3 days old and had my 1st operation at 4 days old. It was a very rocky road but my family were amazing and visited me in hospital every day sometimes twice (whilst looking after my 2 older sisters and newborn brother and my daddy going to work!). This summer after 2 years on dialysis where my mummy took me (and Oscar) to GOSH 3 times a week for the treatment (a 9 hour round trip) my daddy gave me his kidney so I can now have a better life. 

My nannies and grandads and uncles and aunties have all helped in supporting my mummy and daddy through such a difficult time and I would just like to say thank you to them all in whatever way possible. Please please please can you make my 1st proper Christmas the best it can possibly be.

Listen to the moment we granted this lovely family their Christmas Wish here:

Peter and Jerry from The Magic Of Christmas in Walkern, heard about Finlay's story and wanted to help, so they provided Chloe, Michael and their family with a gorgeous REAL Christmas Tree and laots of stunning baubles to make their Christmas extra special.

The kind team at O2 in Hitchin gave Michael a brand new top of the range IPAD and all the children had a selection of presents ranging from a brand new Scalextric set, Table Top Football games and Mr Potatoehead for the boys to Miss Kitty and Princess gifts for the girls. There was also a little present from Baylis & Harding for mum Chloe!

PETER & GERI from THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS who helped grant this Christmas Wish by giving Chloe & Michael a beautiful real Christmas Tree and stunning decorations! 


DUNCAN received a Christmas Wish from his daughter Kayley

What is your Christmas Wish? I wish to make my dad happy, we have had no hot water or heating know for 5 years, we have the boiler but can not afford to get it fitted and it is know coursing damage to our house which we can not afford to fix if it gets worse.

Listen to our call with ROB from Hertford Plumbers when we talked about how tough the job was!: 

Listen to the moment we surprised DUNCAN in his own house!! : 


Thank you to the GREAT team led by ROB at HERTFORD PLUMBERS consisting of, JOHN, TED, DAN from HERTFORD PLUMBERS CONTACT ROB 07939 311996

JASON: 07791011929

DAN from ACTION ELECTRICS - 07711272453






- ANNETTE asked for a Christmas Wish for her mum WHINNIE who recently suffered from a stroke and has not been able to leave the house since May! 

What is your Christmas Wish? My mum had a stroke this year and has been unable to get out of the house since this happened. There is a carol service at her local church in WGC on the 21st December between 6pm and 7.30pm, I would love for it to be possible for her to attend the service with myself and my dad. The only problem is transport and being able to get her there, my wish would be for her to be able to go to the service with the help required as it would be nice for her to get out of the house. If you could help with this I would be very grateful. 

Thank you 
Annette O'Brien

Thank you to WGC/HATFIELD DEPUTY MAYOR LYNNE SPARKS and her husband IAN SPARKS for granting this special wish. Lynne and Ian are personally visiting Whinnie and Annette on Sunday with a VIP specialist transport vehicle to take Whinnie and her husband Eric to the Carol Service! This is an extra special day because Whinnie and Eric have been married 62 years, they got married at the same church they are visiting on Sunday (St Marys Church WGC) and to top it off, it is their 62nd Wedding Anniversary this weekend!!! Lovely Christmas Wish! 

Listen to the moment we granted Annette's Christmas Wish: 




- CARRIE sent us a heartwarming Christmas Wish for her cousin TERRI 

What is your Christmas Wish? I would like to wish my cousin the best Christmas ever for her and her 2 sons. She is a single mum of 2 boys. Last year we lost our nan the 30th November from breast cancer and on the 16th of December my cousin. Also lost her mum due to bowl cancer. (My aunt.) This year her eldest son who was born disabled mentally And physically. From birth many brain surgeries. Other surgery due to feeding tubes, epilepsy, a shunt put in. After many years in and out of intensive care this year he had both hips broken knees and ankles. And obviously loosing mum and nan and disable child and having a healthy child. She is one in a million. And so are her children. I love them with all my heart. And I want her to be treated like the princess she deserves. Even for one day just to show her I am here. And she is a human and not just a mum, and nurse to her son day and night and a mum to her other son. I wish she could have the sensory things this boy deserves because he is life's miracle. And for her other son to have everything ninja turtle ha ha. They are just my life my world my everything and I want her to feel special. After the last Xmas she had. Many thanks for reading.

The lovely Steve from Mobility Aids Centre spent weeks organising a brand new top of the range specilaist Clipper Wheelchair for Callum. This lightweight fold down wheelchair will provide Callum with the support he needs and will make life so much easier for Terri! They have to visit the hospital weekly and to get Callum into the car is so difficult, so the new wheelchair will be easier to maneoveur Callum and will give Terri more freedom with Callum. 01733 342242

Also Rebecca Clarke heard about what a terrific Mum Terri has been and her dedication to both her children as a single mum. So Rebecca has kindly given Terri a Spa Day at Rebecca Clarke Salon, a full day to give Terri a break, for her to relax and enjoy some quality time to herself. 01582 347642

Little Joshua loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so he has a special trip with his whole family to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie at Cineworld! He also has some lovely Christmas toys presents.





If you want to say THANK YOU to the team at O2 then when you're passing one of the following stores pop in, they would love to see you! 

O2 Hitchin - 33 Market Pl, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1DY

O2 Hatfield Galleria- The Galleria. Comet Way Hatfield AL10 0XR

O2 Welwyn Garden City- The Howard Centre, Howardsgate, WGC, AL8 6HA

O2 Bishops Stortford - South St, Bishop's Stortford CM23 3AB



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