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ABOVE: Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps

Welwyn Hatfield's MP is leading a cross-party group calling on the Chancellor to cut Air Passenger Duty...

Grant Shapps and The British Infrastructure Group, wants a 50 percent cut at first, before it's abolished altogether.

Philip Hammond will set out how the government will make and spend its money in the Autumn Statement on Wednesday lunchtime.

Mr Shapps, who's also Minister for International Development, told us how such a change would benefit the country: "It would give the British economy a massive boost and allow us to go out and sell our goods and services to the world. 

It would give us a leg up to realise Theresa May's dream of making us the world's greatest trading nation. Let's go for it and get our Brexit dividend in early".

The Member of Parliament went on to explain where the fees currently go: "It goes straight to the Treasury and it's over £3-billion, but when you compare that to the size of the economy and the size of the challenge post-Brexit, you can't do that if you have the world's highest air passenger duty".

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