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ABOVE: Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Tony Kingsbury (Photo: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council)

The Conservatives on Welwyn Hatfield Council are preparing to lead a minority administration for the next year.

It follows the local elections in which no political party won an outright majority, and gains for the Liberal Democrats.

Tory group leader, Councillor Tony Kingsbury, will put forward his plans next Monday (May 20th). Other Cabinet and committee appointments are set to be proposed at the same meeting. 



Cabinet nominations will be made by the Leader and it is expected that this will consist of Conservative councillors, with other committees being represented in proportion to total seats on the council after the recent elections (Con 23, Lab 13, Lib Dem 12).

Cllr Kingsbury said: "Since the election, the three political group leaders have been discussing what arrangements could best take the council forward. It was concluded that I would prepare to lead a minority administration.

"If that is confirmed at Annual Council I will appoint a Cabinet, although we will clearly need to work constructively with other parties over the next 12 months.

"Important decisions will need to be made, and we must focus on what is right for our communities, and the people who live and work in Welwyn Hatfield. That is what is expected of us, and that is what I hope we can deliver." 

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