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Welwyn Garden City's Billy Byrne, who stars in DIY SOS along with Nick Knowles

Hertfordshire electrician Billy Byrne has been telling BOB fm he's right behind his fellow DIY SOS star Nick Knowles, who's currently in "I'm a Celebrity!"

Nick is competing for this year's 'King of the Jungle' crown in Australia.

Billy - who lives in Welwyn Garden City - says he's proud of his friend of 20 years: "People have been coming up to me and saying 'Billy, isn't Nick a lovely guy?'

"If he's doing a Bush Tucker Trial and someone's just dropped behind a bit, he'll stop what he's doing saying 'come on son, you can do this' and beef them up. He's always looking out to help someone".

TV presenter Nick has taken a bit of stick for his singing whilst competing on the ITV show, with his album track 'Make You Feel My Love' shooting to Number One on the iTunes chart.

But, Billy told us that his DIY SOS mate really knows how to work the crowd: "Nick and his guitar are famous. His brother John is the professional and when they get together jammin', which they did on the show in Welwyn Garden City, everyone was taken aback.

"I don't know about his voice so much - it's a nice rough, gravelly voice - even if you want him to sing to you or not, it's great entertainment!"


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