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A Welwyn Garden City family has started a charity in the hope of saving lives, after the unexpected death of a teenager...

Arline and David Hursey set up "Defibrillators in Public Places" (DiPPs) after their son James died from the unexplained heart problem when he was just 18 years-old.

They have now  launched the organisation in his honour, after realising how few buildings like schools had life-saving defibrillators in them.

Arline has been telling BOB fm that shouldn't be the case: "The quicker you can restart somebody's heart the better. The best way of doing this is by CPR and then defibrillator use.

We have looked around and there are not that many defibrillators out there.

Every work place has to have a fire extinguisher by law and we want the safe to happen with defibrillators".

Arline continued: "We have placed two defibrillators in Sir Frederic Osborn School - and with the football through the sports centre and the school itself, we feel that is a good start.

If we can save one person, we will have done this for a good cause. It would be amazing."

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