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A 12-year-old pupil from Richard Hale School in Hertford has helped develop a mini movie to raise awareness of youth mental health.

Louis Webb, a Year 8 student, had his storyboard made into an animation film which is being shared today on World Mental Health Day.

“I entered the campaign because I thought it was important that everyone knew what mental health is and that it’s important to speak to people if you’re feeling a little bit down," Louis (pictured below) said.

“My teacher Jane was a very big part of it. She explained mental health really well, made lessons fun and really helped us all with this project.

“I really enjoyed doing it, especially when I had a Skype meeting with the animator to make changes to the final animation.”    

Alex Strazza, a 13-year-old student at Verulam School, also had his idea transformed into a film.

Family Worker at Richard Hale School, Jane Michelson, added: “This campaign made such a difference.

"It really got the young people engaged. Many of them didn’t understand mental health before but through this they really got it."

Richard Roberts, Hertfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for public health, said: “The films are brilliant. 

"I’m really impressed with the creativity and maturity with which these young people have approached this project.

“Young people have advised on the direction of #JustTalk from the start and we’re delighted that they are still so involved in the campaign. Having them on board is a great strength.”

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