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ABOVE: The plaque has been place in Letchworth's Broadway Gardens

A special commemorative plaque has been placed in Letchworth to mark the work of munitions workers during the First World War.

The memorial to the Hertfordshire town's factory workers, who contributed to the 'war effort' was unveiled this week in Broadway Gardens by the website, 'Ancestry.'

The plaques have been created by Sarah Arnett, the artist behind the Royal British Legion's 'Thank You 100' project.

It comes ahead of this Sunday marking exactly 100 years since the Armistice.

Ancestry Historian Russell James told BOB fm: "We have unveiled the plaque to recognise the mainly women who worked in the munitions factories, who stepped up and took on these roles, which mainly men had done in the past, and enabled us to continue the war for so long.

"It was considered impossible that women could step up and do this work, but not only at the factory in Letchworth and the rest of the country, this was proved to be nonsense.

"Their work enabled the whole country to be able to function and to support the soldiers who were away fighting."



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