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The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have joined royalty from music, sport, stage and screen for a minute-long message tackling the stigma of mental health.

BOB fm joined forces with 300 other Commercial and BBC radio stations at 10.59am on Tuesday for the 'Mental Health Minute'.

The broadcast is supported by the Royal Foundations' Heads Together Campaign - as well as celebs including Lady Gaga, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill - as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

The feature, which is designed to encourage more people to talk openly about their mental health, include The Duke of Cambridge saying: "Just starting a conversation on mental health can make all the difference, when you talk about something you have less reason to fear it".

Prince Harry adds: "If you do have the courage to speak about it, you really can make things better".

Throughout the week, BOB fm will also be talking to specialists about how work is underway in Hertfordshire and the Home Counties to support people with conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression.

Where can you find out more and get support?

:: The Anna Freud Centre For Children and Families

:: Best Beginnings


:: Contact

:: Place 2 Be

:: Mind

:: The Mix

:: Young Minds

Siobhan Kenny, Chief Executive at Radiocentre, said: "Radio is coming together in a UK first to shine a light on the important issue of mental health. Radio is unique in being both fantastically intimate and yet part of a shared experience. As well as providing company and fun, radio can be an important lifeline for listeners. It is therefore an obvious choice for us all to come together to talk about the things that matter most in our lives".

Lorraine Heggessey, Chief Executive of The Royal Foundation added: "At its heart, Heads Together is about bringing people together to change the conversation  on mental health. 

Nothing exemplifies this more than radio stations from all networks focussing their airtime on such an important topic, and talking directly with their listeners".

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